Emprise, foray, exploit…

Call it what you will, if you are intentionally going into harm’s way or putting yourself in jeopardy, you should never step off until you’re Adventure Ready. That often means armed.

Introducing the Adventure Ready XAR Invicta.

Hiking, kayaking, cross-country driving, there is no better rifle to carry with you than the XAR Invicta.

The Invicta rifle, whose name is Latin meaning “unconquered” and was later made famous by Henley’s poem, is purpose built for journeys where the risks are unknown , the path holds the unexpected, and space is at a premium – with no need for a tax stamp.

Other advantages include:

  • Folded length of just 16 inches
  • Ballistic advantage of a rifle over SBRs and pistols
  • Circumspect, low profile carriage
  • Faster to deploy (and faster to fold and stow) than anything else on the market
  • Stow and go in seconds
  • Simple to maintain in the field, always easier to clean than standard ARs
  • Consistent lockup, reliability, and return to zero regardless of rough treatment
  • Patriotic CDI factor; let’s face it, function comes before form, but the Invicta has both

You’ll see just how #AdventureReady the Invicta is in the coming days. Then you can prove it to yourself.