You Asked, We Answered.

A few weeks ago, we introduced the world to the F&D Defense XAR folding rifle platform. As could be expected, there were lots of questions ranging from technical accuracy and durability considerations, to basic inquiries about price and availability. We will be providing more information as we approach the Summer 2017 release of the XAR Invicta, but below we will address some of the most common and frequently asked questions about this exciting new platform.

When will the XAR be available?

The XAR Invicta (AR15) will be available in the summer of 2017. For availability information on any other XAR products or configurations, please refer to our website, or subscribe to our email list. Please note we are unable to respond individually to general product inquiries – refer to our website for information as it becomes available.

How much will the XAR cost?

The XAR Invicta (AR15), will have an MSRP of $2100-2500. Further details will be announced when the rifle is released in summer of 2017.

Will the XAR be available on other platforms or product offerings such as upper only, SBR, pistol, .308, build kits, etc.?

The XAR technology has a broad range of potential applications across multiple platforms and configurations. We have already successfully prototyped the AR-10 model, and the first production release will be in AR-15. While other platforms and configuration options may become available in the future, at this time we are not making any official announcements beyond the release of the XAR Invicta (AR15) coming summer of 2017. Refer to our website, or subscribe to our email list for future product updates as they become available. Please note we are unable to respond individually to general product inquiries.

Does the rifle maintain accuracy and hold zero?

Accuracy and consistent return to zero were paramount in the development of this design. If the XAR could not hold zero and maintain consistent performance after being folded and deployed, what would be the point? The design would be meaningless in the rifle world. In order for this innovation to be successful, it was critical that the folding technology had no effect on the accuracy of the weapon. Although F&D Defense is proud of our unique innovation of this folding system, the gun world has seen various takedown and folding platforms through the years. When done right, the concerns about accuracy and maintaining zero are not an issue.

The folding mechanism is the result of meticulous design, engineering, and attention to detail. One example of this is the tapered barrel extension and seat in the receiver, which ensures consistent lockup, accuracy, and reliability. We have conducted extensive testing of this XAR folding technology on the AR10 prototypes, which are a more precise, more exact, more demanding platform. The XAR rifle has performed consistently after being folded and unfolded thousands of times.

In the coming months, we will offer further proof of performance through video documentation and independent reviews. We are confident the XAR rifle and our system will be proven reliable, rugged, and accurate.

Does the hinge wear out or allow for slack?

The hinge is made from a hardened steel alloy that is engineered to last the life of the rifle and then some. We have tested this extensively on our prototypes, which have been opened and closed thousands of times. Even after more use than an XAR would see in a typical lifetime, the hinge and latches on our test models still deliver a solid lockup that delivers superb accuracy and function. Even if damage were to ever occur to the hinge apparatus, the parts are easily serviceable. Once the XAR is deployed and locked in place, the hinge and clasp delivers every bit as much force in lockup as any other AR on the market.

Is there a safety issue after wear and tear on moving parts?

The design of the XAR ensures that it is impossible for the weapon to fire unless it is fully deployed and securely locked in place. Once locked in place, the XAR is as tough and reliable as any AR on the market.

Why do you call the XAR “Folding Automatic Rifle” when AR stands for “Armalite Rifle”?

Yes, “AR” stands for “Armalite Rifle.” When naming the new folding rifle technology, we chose not to use the word “Armalite”, another rifle manufacturer, in our new product name. “XAR” is a name created by F&D Defense, and it stands for “Folding Automatic Rifle.” Though “AR” originally stood for Armalite Rifle, it has come to represent a platform or type of rifle design made by many manufactures today. “XAR” is an acronym that represents the folding aspect of the system – an automatic rifle system, whether semi or full – that is based on the widely used AR platform.

Are you accepting new product reviewers?

We appreciate your interest. While we currently have several industry partners who will be testing and reviewing the XAR Invicta, we are always open to considering qualified candidates in the future. If interested, contact us through our website and submit your info. Please note that we will not be responding individually to requests to review the XAR or any other products unless you are selected for testing and evaluation. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you use a folding stock to make it even smaller?

As a general rule, the barrel length will be your limiting factor. If the barrel is the longest part of the rifle when folded, a folding stock will not reduce the size of the rifle any further. However, future potential SBR configurations may be combined with a right-side folding stock to yield an even smaller weapon.

Can it be used with _______ folding stock? Can you make it fold on the other side?

The XAR is a left-side folding rifle. Making it fold on the right side would conflict with the forward assist. If a foldable stock is a priority for you, we recommend a right side folding stock, such as the one from Dead Foot Arms.

What components of the XAR are proprietary?

The XAR incorporates a proprietary upper, rail, and barrel extension. The gas tube is a modified mil spec (it has been shortened). The rest of the XAR Invicta AR15 platform will be interchangeable with other standardized industry parts. Barrel swaps will be simple. Replacing or changing barrels will require our proprietary extension, which will be in stock and readily available.

Does the bolt or barrel get dust or dirt in it while folded?

When the XAR is folded, it will be susceptible to dust or debris in the same way that any AR that is broken down would be. This will vary from user to user based on conditions and how the rifle is stowed or packed.